Naturewater NW-BRL02 double filter 1inch (32.89mm) 60mm sediment filter granular carbon filter wrenc

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• Sediment filter
• Block carbon filter
• Diameter 4 1/2 inches (113mm)
• Fineness 5µ
• Wall mount bracket included
• With 20 inches (508 mm) filter cartridges
Informacje dot. produktu "Naturewater NW-BRL02 double filter 1inch (32.89mm) 60mm sediment filter granular carbon filter wrenc"
Naturewater NW-BRL02 double filter 1 inch (32.89mm) with sediment filter and activated carbon block

Our double filter unit with a 20 inches 5µ sediment fine filter and a 20 inches 5 micron activated carbon block filter generate extremely pure water.

For a reasonable price, easy to install and handle. Our filtering system tops considerably in quality, filtering capacity and price and corresponds to similar products offered at a higher price on the market.

The filtering sytem is a perfect solution for almost all water impurities depending on the use of filter inserts.
The filter system offered here is delivered with one 5µ Sediment filter and one 5 micron activated carbon block filter inserts and removes reliably sand, rust, algae, and other floating particles from the water.

Of course, the water filter inserts 20 inches (508 mm) can be replaced by other materials as according to demand.

You can find a complete list of the suitable filter inserts in the technical data.

The unit has no RO-Membrane (reverse osmosis) and also no ion exchangers.

This means the natural mineral content (which is vital to life) is largely maintained and the water hardness is affected to a smaller extent.

Sediment filtration 5µ
Sediment particles like sand, algae and rust are removed.
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