Naturewater SOFT-V1 Water Softening Unit for Soft Water Ion Exchanger with 12.5l Resin Tank

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• Max. flow rate 1,000 l/h
• Resin tank with 12.5 l capacity
• Resin regenerated by brine
• Max. operation pressure 5 bar
• For decalcified/soft water
Informacje dot. produktu "Naturewater SOFT-V1 Water Softening Unit for Soft Water Ion Exchanger with 12.5l Resin Tank"
Would you like to have decalcified or soft water at any time? This Naturewater SOFT-V1 water softening unit will help you to achieve this objective. Whether for cooking, for your water dispenser, for the kitchenette, for showering, or washing, this softening unit with its 1,000 litres per hour maximum flow rate can be used for a wide range of purposes. To give you an example, the device could very well be employed for the water treatment in the aquaristics sector.

Yet, what exactly are the advantages of soft water? Tell me that please! Well, decalcified water facilitates the preparation of hot beverages, and these are more compatible with the human body thanks to the soft water used to prepare them. Moreover, showering with decalcified water is healthier for your skin and hair, as hard water makes them chapped and coarse, being particularly problematical for dry skin. And numerous domestic appliances, e.g., the washing machine or dishwasher, have a longer service life when operated with soft water. Thus, scale inside these appliances can be reduced to a minimum.

Softening is realised by the exchange of ions inside the unit, and this is done by a special resin. For that purpose, the device is equipped with a 12.5 litres resin tank. This resin, however, can absorb the calcium and magnesium ions (which corresponds to the colloquial term when you speak of “chalk in water”) and leave sodium ions. Thanks to this exchange, the hardness of the water is indeed lowered with the original pH not being affected.

Another advantage of the device is the automatic regeneration of the exchanging resin. The salt or brine stock inside allows the device to re-exchange the magnesium and calcium ions bound to the resin with sodium ions during regeneration – the “chalk” is flushed out of the unit. Thus, the resin, getting back its original capacity, keeps is functionality. Only do fill in softening salt at certain intervals, the resin itself remaining virtually maintenance free.
Abmessungen: 328 x 450 x 651 mm
Betriebsdruck: 1.5 Bar
Druck: 0,15–0,5 MPa
Eingangsleistung: 16 Watt
Farbe: weiß
Flow rate ( l/h ): 1000 LITER
Leistungsaufnahme: 16 W
Material: Polypropylen (PP)
Max. temperature: 48 °C
Min. temperature: 5 °C
Netzspannung/Frequenz (V~Hz): 220–240 V / 50 Hz
Produktart: Wasserfilter
Schlauchanschluss: AG 26,16 mm (3/4 Zoll)
Selbstaktivierungszeit (s/4m): 0
Tank volume (l): 25 Liter
Volumen: Harztank: 12,5 ℓ
max. Druck (bar): 5 Bar