Naturewater NW-4-50RODT 4-stage Reverse Osmosis Water Filter 190 l/day with Display


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• Intelligent display with filter-change reminder
• Innovativ bayonet system for quick filter change
• 190 litres of filtered water per day
• 4-stage filter system with T33 filter
• For clean and delicious drinking water
Product information "Naturewater NW-4-50RODT 4-stage Reverse Osmosis Water Filter 190 l/day with Display"
The Naturewater NW-4-50RODT device is a 4-stage reverse osmosis system that can transform tap water into clean and delicious drinking water. Its control is simple thanks to the two buttons next to the intelligent display, which reminds the user of the need of a filter change. This machine brings out the best in your tap water, as it removes up to 99 % of noxious substances such as heavy metals, bacteria, viruses, chlorine, fluoride, and nitrate. The water comes out with an optimal pH and a good taste. You will save money and contribute to ecology by doing without plastic bottles.

The Naturewater NW-4-50RODT device has four stages during which the water is treated:

• The first stage is a sediment filter; it filters coarse particles such as sand, rust, or mud from the water.
• The second stage is an activated-carbon filter; it removes organic contaminations, chlorines, and smells from the water.
• The third stage is a reverse-osmosis membrane; it filters the finest pollutants from the water and allows only pure water to pass through.
• The fourth stage is an activated-carbon afterfilter; it cleans the water once again and makes for a good taste.

The built-in 12-litres tank ensures a constant supply with filtered water.

The Naturewater NW-4-50RODT device is equipped with an auto-flush feature and has a dustproof design. Its intelligent display shows the state of the filter cartridges and informs the user about the condition of the system.

The device is directly connected to the cold-water line, and the water can be supplied via a separate water cock. Changing the filter is quick and simple thanks to the innovative bayonet system. The waste water-pure water ratio is 1:3.

Thus, the Naturewater NW-4-50RODT is the ideal solution for all those who prefer clean and tasty drinking water.
Abmessungen: 380 x 160 x 400 mm
Betriebsdruck: 4 Bar
Farbe: weiß
Filter porosity: 0.0001 µm
Filter stage 1: [64618] Naturewater PP-10CF 5µ PP-Sedimentfilter Filterkartusche Ersatzfilter
Filter stage 2: [64619] Naturewater CTO-10CF – Aktivkohleblock-Filter Wasserfilter Kartusche
Filter stage 3: [64460] Naturewater RO-10CF-50G – 50GPD Umkehrosmose-Membran 190 l/Tag
Filter stage 4: [64465] Naturewater T33-10CF – Inline-Aktivkohleblock-Filter für Umkehrosmose
Filtrationstechnik: CTO, Kohlenstoff, Kokosnuss-Kohlenstoff, Polypropylen, Sediment, Umkehrosmose
Flow rate ( l/h ): 7.9 Liter
Höhe: 400 Millimeter
Material: Polypropylen (PP)
Max. temperature: 38 °C
Min. temperature: 4 °C
Number of filter stages: 4-stage
Produktart: Wasserfilter
Schadstoffentfernung: Asbest, Bakterien, Blei, Chlor, Chlorgeschmack und -geruch, Kalkpartikel, Kupfer, Sedimente
Tank volume (l): 12 Liter
max. Druck (bar): 7 Bar
präzise Produktart: Umkehrosmose