Naturewater CTO-PAD2 Active-coal Granulate Filter for Water Purification Spare Osmosis Cartridge


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• Active-coal granulate filter for water treatment
• Removes rust, pesticides, etc. from the water
• Reduces the concentration of heavy metals
• Activated carbon is characterised by its high grade of filtration
• Allows an easy replacement of the filter
Product information "Naturewater CTO-PAD2 Active-coal Granulate Filter for Water Purification Spare Osmosis Cartridge"
This Naturewater active-coal granulate filter CTO-PAD2 removes undesirable substances such as chlorine, rust, pesticides, medicine residues, and organic contaminations from the water. In addition, it reduces the heavy-metal concentration of the water (e.g., lead or copper).

Unlike active-coal block filters, an active-coal granulate filter contains small active-coal grains or pellets placed into a casing. The water flows through this casing, the active-coal particles bind noxious substances in the water. Activated carbon is characterised by a high efficiency and is thus used, e.g., for industrial purposes. The water used by industry is treated with activated carbon before being introduced into our food because activated carbon is very reliable in filtering the largest part of poisonous substances off the water.
Abmessungen: 350 x 90 x 90 mm
Höhe: 90 Millimeter
Material: Polypropylen (PP)
Produktart: Wasserfilter