Naturewater NW-3-02I 3-stage Compact Inline Shower Filter, Chrome


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• Unobtrusive chrome-coloured plastic housing
• Effective 3-stage filtering
• Reduction of chlorine
• Simple installation
• Of universal applicability
Product information "Naturewater NW-3-02I 3-stage Compact Inline Shower Filter, Chrome"
This Naturewater NW-3-02I 3-stage inline shower filter ensures a comfortable and refreshing showering, a mere experience thanks to clean and soft shower water. Even in old buildings, the inline filter makes for contaminant-free water. Chlorine and heavy metals as well as rust and sediments are filtered out of the water.

The inline filter comprises three stages: a KDF stage, removing microorganisms and bacteria present in the water, calcium-sulphite beads, making for the reduction of the contents of chlorine and heavy metals, and magnetically activated ceramic beads, making for comfortably soft water.

The Naturewater NW-3-02I 3-stage inline system can be integrated in the showering system present by being screwed in at the point of the water circuit where the user wishes it to be. The universally applicable system is compatible with most standard shower heads; it can be installed with special tools.

The inline shower filter is the ideal solution when the water present is of a certain hardness. The water becomes comfortably soft, preventing drying-out of your skin and hair by limy water. Reliable and easily integrated in your everyday life, these filters are particularly cherished by persons with skin problems.

Please note that the water pressure might be reduced when an inline filter is used.
Farbe: silberfarben
Filtrationstechnik: Keramik, Kokosnuss-Kohlenstoff, Sediment
Produktart: Wasserfilter
Schadstoffentfernung: Chlor, Kalkionen, Sedimente
präzise Produktart: Duschfilter