Naturewater NW-3-PPCTOUF PP Sediment, Activated-carbon Block, and Ultrafilter


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Item no.: 64423
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• 3-stage below-table filter
• Quick-change system
• Simple wall fastening
• 10″ ultrafilter, PP sediment and activated-carbon block cartridge
• ¼″ quick connector
Product information "Naturewater NW-3-PPCTOUF PP Sediment, Activated-carbon Block, and Ultrafilter"
This Naturewater NW-3-PPCTOUF device is a 3-stage below-table water filter, which can be equipped with different filter cartridges. This model can be simply fastened to the wall with the help of the adaptor plate included. The ¼″ quick connectors of the inlet and outlet allow the user a quick and comfortable connection.

The Naturewater NW-3-PPCTOUF goes without an electrical connection; that is why it can be connected to nearly every water supply in a simple and comfortable way.

The 3-stage water filter is equipped with an ultrafilter, a PP sediment cartridge, and an activated-carbon block cartridge as a standard. If required, it can be used with any other suitable cartridge. This system has neither an RO diaphragm (reverse osmosis), nor an ion exchanger. This means that the content of vital natural minerals is largely conserved and there is only a little influence on water hardness.

The filter change is done in a few seconds thanks to the innovating quick-change system.
Abmessungen: 280 x 100 x 345 mm
Betriebsdruck: 4 Bar
Farbe: weiß
Filter porosity: 0,01 µm
Filter stage 1: [64618] Naturewater PP-10CF 5µ PP-Sedimentfilter Filterkartusche Ersatzfilter
Filter stage 2: [64619] Naturewater CTO-10CF – Aktivkohleblock-Filter Wasserfilter Kartusche
Filter stage 3: [64459] Naturewater UF-10F – 0,01µ Ultrafilter Wasserfilter Ersatzkartusche
Filtrationstechnik: CTO, Kokosnuss-Kohlenstoff, Polypropylen, Sediment
Flow rate ( l/h ): 210 Liter
Höhe: 345 Millimeter
Installation type: Below table, Wall mounting
Material: Polypropylen (PP)
Max. temperature: 38 °C
Min. temperature: 5 °C
Number of filter stages: 3-stage
Produktart: Wasserfilter
Schadstoffentfernung: Chlor, Chlorgeschmack und -geruch, Kalkpartikel, Sedimente
max. Druck (bar): 10 Bar
präzise Produktart: 3-Stufen-Wasserfilter