Naturewater NW-3-04 Compact 3-stage On-tap Ceramic Water-tap Filter


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• 3-in-1 filter system
• Washable ceramic filter
• High flow rate
• Practical on-tap design
• For clean and delicious drinking water
Product information "Naturewater NW-3-04 Compact 3-stage On-tap Ceramic Water-tap Filter"
This Naturewater NW-3-04 on-tap device is a 3-stage ultrafilter directly attached to a fitting and metamorphosing your tap water into clean and delicious drinking water.

The compact 3-in-1 system in one cartridge comes with several adaptors that will help the user to connect it to virtually any water tap. With up to 2.5 l/min, the filter has a high flow rate.

The ceramic filter is filled with calcium-sulphite beads, which make for the reduction of chlorine and the content of heavy metals, and with carbonating beads, which remove suspended matter and particles. The long-living cartridge can be cleaned if necessary to reduce rubbish.

The dual outlet of our Naturewater NW-3-04 on-tap filter allows the user to switch over to filtered or non-filtered water in an easy way. The system is easy to operate and widely leakage-free. Thanks to the transparent housing, the user can permanently control the state of the filter to always be able to clean it in good time. Thus, you will always have clean and tasty drinking water.
Abmessungen: 130.7 x 63.7 x 131.4 mm
Farbe: weiß
Filtrationstechnik: Keramik
Höhe: 131.4 Millimeter
Material: Polypropylen (PP)
Produktart: Wasserfilter
Schadstoffentfernung: Chlor, Chlorgeschmack und -geruch, Sedimente