Naturewater UF-10F Ultra Filter with 0.01µ Filtration Grade Removing 99.9% of Noxious Substances


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• Ultra filter for water-treatment systems
• Grade of filtration of 0.01 µ
• Removes bacteria, algae, spores, etc.
• Filtering rate of 99.9 %
• For clean drinking water
Product information "Naturewater UF-10F Ultra Filter with 0.01µ Filtration Grade Removing 99.9% of Noxious Substances"
This Naturewater ultra filter UF-10F is an ultrafiltration membrane element for domestic drinking water. This fine version ranks among the world’s most reliable technologies. The sophisticated membrane technology and the automatic fabrication of microfilters allow for the consequent performance of these elements.

The ultrafilter has a grade of filtration of 0.01 µ. This is how it can filter all particles larger than 0.01 micron from the water (equals 0.00001 mm). This stage removes bacteria, protozoa, cysts, spores, mushroom spores, colloids, sediments, etc. > 0.01 micron. Thanks to this grade of filtration, such membrane elements are used by industry for cleaning mineral water. Furthermore, ultrafilters are used for the treatment of drinking water in disaster areas, e.g., by German THW (Technisches Hilfswerk, Agency for Technical Relief).

Max. flow rate: 4 l/min
Working pressure (min/max): 0.1 MPa / 0.4 MPa
Water temperature (min/max): 4 °C / 38 °C
Service life: 9,500 l
Abmessungen: 65 x 65 x 265 mm
Höhe: 265 Millimeter
Material: Polypropylen (PP)
Max. temperature: 38 °C
Min. temperature: 5 °C
Produktart: Wasserfilter